Dreams – [kisah dunia]


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When Im still a student of UiTM i didnt know what is my strength, what Im gonna do after this and what will my future looks like?

My CGPA also is not good enough to compete in the industry. But luckily i do my best when Im still practical in Tourism Malaysia and get accepted to work there. not like other student who waiting for job interviews. my leisure time is only 1 week after my presentation for my final semester and have to come back to the office to continue my work.

time after time, my friend and i start a new idea of business. i quit my job in tourism malaysia and start the business. but the business is not going so well and Im jobless. after that some other friends looks down on me. but I dont care about it and doing my thing secretly.

wondering what Im doing next, suddenly a stranger calling me and want to meet me. Im confused what he want from me? so after a few research he said he needs my help for his company AS&I Sdn Bhd.

because Im jobless on that time. i said yes and willing to help him. my first client is hotel seri malaysia. We make million of money from that project and a stranger to me, become a friend. he then added me to his company, selling his share and i become a director of his company.

a few years later, i meet some friend from an event. That event is for Malays economy, sustainability and some other things that benefit Malays. He knows that Im was looking for opportunities to make a new company to add more business in my hands. he then invite me to his office and let me used his office to get know of the business from other perspective because looking from higher authority is very different from a ground. and guys that friend of mine is Hadi Bahtiar Amnan who own a Sdn Bhd travel agency company.

suddenly one night he call me are you free tomorrow? come to ukay perdana we need to talk. then i said ok

on that day he introduce me to his friend Azam. its a very short meeting. then on that morning, we make a new company after that meeting. Sarjana Travel And Tour Sdn Bhd and within a year our company have been estimated to have total value asset almost a million.

Now, i become a director for a few company. its not a easy thing. nor its not very hard. its how we handle the pressure and the challenge. how we manage a money. how we make a money from nothing and many more thing that needs our best solution, not just a solutions.

Im start from nothing, jobless, not get a good result, lack of experience, being cheated and many more, but its an experience that makes me to be me.

I dont tell other people what Im doing because people will said it impossible, but then with a passion and enthusiasm a dream become a reality.

guys, dont fear for having a dream. do what the best for you and fits you. because dreams can be reality with passion, hard work and blessing from God. dont ever lose faith with God because its a gift from Allah to make us human to be whatever we want to be.


Sumber & Kredit: iiumc

–> K1ik jika rasa post ini patut dibuang




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