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13 Things You Should Know About Animation

Hello and a good day to all of you!

Firstly I would like to thank the IIUM admins for publishing this confession. Just call me A! I have been a long time reader of this page (almost a year now if Im not mistaken?), so I thought why not do a confession for the heck of it. I would like to apologize if my English is not that top notch.

So the reason why I doing this confession is I would talk about animation. A lil tid bit about me that Im a your average 24-years old Malaysian that currently in my final year of animation in the local uni (had to be censored because of reasons :P). Ive been taking this course since the diploma so it has been 6 years (including my degree). So as someone who will graduating from this course, I would like to share some things what I have been learning throughout these years.

1) First thing that important in animation that you need to learn to basic. ALL THE BASIC. Just name it: basic drawing, basic human anatomy, the lines, figure drawing, color theory etc. Sure it can be very intimidating for the beginners but when you get the hang of it, your animated character would moves more smoothly (give yourself a pat in the back). I recommend Andrew Loomiss book for learning human anatomy. (If any of your friends giving you weird looks for having this book, just slap the- ahem I mean just ignore them)

2) Memorize the 12 principles of animation. MEMORIZE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM.

3) Practice traditional animation first. Believe me it truly helps when you moving on to the digital. Also buy a lightbox. Or just DIY them.

4) Always observe your surroundings. Watch how people walk, talk, body languages etc. (Also advisable not to stare creepily at people for a long time. I accidently did this once and got reprimanded by the boys GF (?) that thought I was eyeing her BF). Bring your sketchbook wherever you go.

5) Read Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams (nicknamed Animators Bible by some). This book covers all you need to know about animation techniques, tips, advices, history and more. Bless Richard for doing this. Also check out Preston Blairs

6) Develop yourself into various kinds of art styles. Helps you to put more variety in your assignments and stuffs in your portfolio. Plus it is more interesting

7) Never throw out your art. Keep them in your portfolio. It is also proves that how far you have evolved in your art style. It is not crap. It is a treasure.

8) Try out various kinds of art software! Truly, truly helpful (especially 3D. Although I love-hate it.)

9) Practice. Practice. Practice. Also critics builds you, not the other way around.

10) References ARE NOT TRACING. References are good. References are your friend. If someone denies it, Shoryuken them.

11) Make other artists your inspiration/motivation, not your downfall. I know its hard not to compare yourself but remember, turn them into motivations for you to level up yourself! Give yourself a chance to grow, alright? 😉 Believe in me who believe in you! (/totally not stolen from that one drill anime)

12) Take a break. Theres not need to slaved yourself in front of the board/computer. Spend time with others/yourself, whichever floats your boat.

13) Take notice what do you post/say online. Refrain from badmouthing animation studios/artists/animators because they have their eyes on you. No Im dead serious. In short = good online reputation = less negative feedbacks about yourself to other animation studios.

Lastly, but not least, have a will of steel. Animation sometimes can be harsh and overwhelming, but with Determination (good God A stop it with the refs) and preservation I know you can do it. Thats all for todays confession as I need to get back to my FYP and keep on going guys!

-your average 24 years old Malaysian animation student

your average 24 years old Malaysian animation student

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